Superior Sound only uses professional wedding dj equipment to ensure your event will be a success.

Proper and professional wedding dj equipment is the foundation for DJing success. You need high quality equipment to get the party started. How can you get lost in a song when the equipment equipment is not fantastic?

A quality wireless microphone is the foundation for great speeches.

We always bring a wireless microphone that can be used anytime during DJ service hours. This can be great to use during speeches and toasts. A high quality microphone and a good sound system make the speeches heard. Your best man, maid of honor and parents speeches will be clear for everyone to hear.

Equipment summary.

We go beyond the standard par cans and small swirling ball. We use the latest
technology L.E.D. par cans that synchronize with the music. Also other impressive lights that illuminate the dance floor. We also are digital using computerized DJ software for smooth transitions keeping the dancers going without missing a beat.

If the wedding party likes to dance if there is proper equipment they should be having a good time! At the end of the day everyone will thank you for the awesome time they had dancing!

You can check out the lighting at beginning of a video we made at a high school dance.

Wedding DJ Equipment - Revo 3 and the agressor dj lights

Revo 3 illuminating large banquet halls and gyms with cool firework like displays, the Aggressor by Virtual DJ and 2 L.E.D. par cans that change colors to the beat.

mackie dj speakers

High end professional Mackie SRM450′s providing lovely sounds distributed evenly for you wedding or event. Making your songs sound perfect.

Light Stand for Professional Lighting displ

SM58 Sure Wireless Microphone, with batteries replaced every event. Clear quality every time.

If you want to read more this guy has alot to say about djing!

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